Welcome to Crossroads Foundation, Inc

About Us


Crossroads Foundation, Inc., located in Ball Ground, Georgia is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization providing at-risk teens and their families therapeutic help working with rescued animals and promoting non-violent behaviors.  


Our purpose is to create emotional growth and knowledge for at-risk teens and their families.  Crossroads will focus on at-risk teens such as those who are delinquent, in group homes, foster care, and low-income families. Our objectives for these teens include:

  • Challenging them in a non-threatening way
  • Rapidly breaking down the defense barriers
  • Providing immediate cause and effect situations
  • Captivating and holding their attention
  • Promoting change from dysfunctional patterns to successful ones
  • Giving children an education fostering sympathy and responsibility
  • Helping children understand that any life is worth preserving
  • Steering children away from drugs and alcohol
  • Educating children against violence
  • Teaching children work ethics by granting them riding privileges in return for chores
  • Giving children bragging rights when they may have none
  • Developing team building and an understanding of working together to accomplish goals
  • Creating an understanding and interest in community involvement


To empower future generations to choose the higher path when faced with the crossroads of life and understand no living being deserves to be told “Do as I say or I’ll hurt you”.